Vaser Liposuction: Popular Areas to Be Treated

Vaser Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures that are highly effective at removing stubborn fat cells from a variety of areas of the body. It has minimal recovery time and reduced side effects such as bruising.  There are several types of liposuction to consider – Vaser Liposuction, Hi-Definition Liposuction, and Mega Liposuction. In this article, we will discuss the areas where Vaser Liposuction can refine your body shape. Here are the most popular areas people are choosing to treat with Vaser liposuction.

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1.Upper and lower abdomen

Weight loss around the tummy is the most difficult. There are several reasons why belly fat persists and this is the most common area of complaint. Vaser Liposuction is effective in this region provided you don’t have an excessive amount of sagging skin. It is gentler and replaces the Tummy Tuck procedure. 

2.Love handles

As one of the most common problems that upset most patients, the ultrasound technology of Vaser Liposuction addresses the “spillage” over your jeans and treats alongside the fatty tissue of the upper and lower abdomen. 

3.Inner and outer thighs

Removing excess fat in the inner and outer thighs can create a more feminine shape. Vaser Liposuction reduces fat, stimulates collagen, and improves the thigh’s skin integrity. 

  1. 4.Man boobs

Man boobs or Gynecomastia, has become a popular inquiry amongst men. Vaser Liposuction can remove fat and excess glandular tissue around the breast area. This less invasive that the Mastectomy  This is a far less invasive option than a mastectomy which is a surgical method to remove just the glandular tissue, not the surrounding fat cells. Contrary to Vaser Liposuction, which is a day procedure that occurs under twilight sedation, mastectomy patients will require a general anesthetic and need to remain in hospital overnight. 

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