Important Things About Thread Face Lift

As a person age, skin becomes saggy. Before, to achieve younger look, one used to have face lift, a cosmetic procedure surgically done which involves cutting and reattaching. With the technology nowadays, thread lift has been advertised as a substitute to facelift. With the threads used, it works through both strong pulling and redistributing volume effects which helps the improvement of the skin .

Is thread lift permanent?

Melbourne thread lift is not meant to be permanent. If you do not like the results or irregularities that occurs during healing, threads can be adjusted within the first month. Just in case the threads are removed, your face will go back to how it looked prior to the treatment.

Results of the treatment may last up to a year or so depending on how you maintain it. Like other dissolvable dermal filler, the procedure will be absorbed by the tissue under the skin eventually.

What are the differences between thread lift procedure and surgical facelift?

  • Thread lift won’t give you the same dramatic outcome as facelift.
  • A facelift can’t stop the natural process of ageing but it lasts for many years while thread lift may last up to 2 years. To make the latter last longer, you may need dermal filler or other facial treatment
  • Complications of face lift procedures are much higher.
  • When you do not like the result of face lift procedure , there’s not much you can do except get another surgery. Thread lift is temporary and will simply dissolve .
  • Thread lift procedures are less expensive.
  • Compared to a face lift procedure, recovery time from thread lift treatment is very minimal that you may go back to work right after thread lift is done.

What are the benefits?

  • No surgery

Because it is non-invasive, there are no incision and stitches and risks are lower. There is virtually no risk of scarring, serious bruising, bleeding, and other complications.

  • Temporary

If you do not like the results or something peculiar occurs with the healing, the threads can be easily adjusted. If there is a need, threads may be replaced or removed.

  • Very minimal recovery

One of the biggest advantage in getting threads is the faster recovery time of thread lift which may take up to 3 days. It is comparatively easy compared to facelift, which usually need to take up to two weeks off from work, and you can quickly resume to your day to day activities.

  • Immediate and discreet effect

Threads produce changes but will only lift the face by few milimeters which creates a more subtle and natural looking end results

Because thread lift is low risk and has shorter recovery time, it is possible to undergo the treatment with other non-surgical procedures in order to create with a more visible result.

Who is best for?

  • Thread lift is suitable to individuals who wish to redefine the shape of there jawline, cheeks, etc without surgery. The thread lifting the skin will aid tighten the areas affected by ageing and gravity.
  • Anyone seeking for temporary minor face lift
  • Those with sagging skin
  • Those with jowls and loose neck
  • Anyone with plenty of wrinkles in the skin
  • Ideal age for thread lifting is anywhere between 30 to 60 years old.
  • Thread lifting is not recommended to those with excessive skin laxity

You may personalise the treatment based from what you need which you have to speak with your doctor about so you can be given recommendations on how to enhance your skin.

Can patient with thin skin undergo?

Individual with very thin skin due to genetics, advancing age, or sun exposure may not be a good candidate of thread lift. Other facial rejuvenation treatment may be recommended for them

How does this treatment work?

Resorbable suture and moulded cones are used in this procedure. The suture serves as the frame under the skin surface to lift sagging skin tissue while the cones hold the suture in place. over time, both sutures and cones are reabsorbed by the body and revitalize the production of collagen to replace depleted facial volume which is a result of ageing. After the thread are inserted, doctor will apply slight pressure to the area to reshape the surface of the skin and achieve the thread lift result immediately.

Are the procedures of all thread lifts the same?

There are different thread lift techniques, each depending on the materials used and the method of placing the threads. It is vital that you seek the service of a doctor who understands your facial anatomy to make sure that you maximize the result of the treatment.

How long does It take?

On an average, it will take up to 20 minutes. This will vary depending on the amount of threads to be used i the skin and the complexity of the procedure.

How long does threads last?

The result of threads can last for a long time however, it becomes looser over time. Since we cannot stop the natural process of ageing, further skin sagging will continue. Another treatment can be required after few months or years to make the skin stay tighter but that is not the norm.

How long before results becomes visible?

Immediate improvement will be seen after thread lift treatment however, optimal result will only show 2 to 6 months after as the collagen production is stimulated. The threads will dissolve after 6 months but result will be maintained much longer

Is this treatment safe?

Thread lifts are considered a low risk treatment with minimal recovery time however, same with other cosmetic treatment, side effects may take place. Side effects can be swelling, bruising, bleeding, and slight pain in the treated area. It may also entail complications like the ff:

  • skin allergic reaction to ingredients in the threading lift material
  • bleeding as a result of the procedure building up behind your skin
  • visible dimpling or pulling in the skin where the thread have been inserted
  • migration or unintended “movement” of the thread that result in skin that looks lumpy or bulges
  • pain under your skin as a result of the thread being too “tight” or awkwardly placed
  • infection at the site of the thread lift procedure

How much is the cost?

Thread lift average cost ranges from $695 to $1295. It is not charged per thread but on the complexity of the treatment. You also have to consider the location of the skin clinic because prices are different per region and also the level of expertise and experience of your doctor.

What areas can treatment be used for?

Common area is the face and neck but other sites can also benefit from lifting of facial tissue. The best candidates for the threads are those with developing jowls and sagging skin, usually around the cheeks and jawline. Eye thread lift can also be performed to help the outer crease of the eye to lift

What to expect after?

  • Skin irregularities may happen such as dimples, puckering, and bunching but this is just temporary
  • Firmness under the skin
  • Snapping of threads but this won’t cause unevenness. Tightness will become better after few weeks
  • Swelling and some changes in skin may occur. Just give it time to settle
  • Post care, try to be gentle when cleaning your face

Can I drive home?

As the treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, you will need to arrange someone to drive you home after

When can I return to work?

You should be able to return to work right away as long as your job doesn’t require you to participate in a strenuous activities

Can threads be seen after the treatment?

Threads are injected underneath the skin. They are also clear and cannot be seen even if the skin is fair and thin. Threads can only be visible if placed too close to the surface of the skin.

Will I be able to feel the threads?

There is short and longterm palpability. Right after the, there will be swelling around the thread. It won’t be visible but it will make the thread feel thicker so it is as if you are feeling the threads. After the healing completed, there are threads that you will feel due to its migration. It is like a pimple like sensation under the skin. In many cases, it can be eliminated with appropriate soft tissue massage.

What should you not do before and after?

In order to achieve optimal results after the s , it is important that doctor’s instructions are followed


  • Reduce caffeine and nicotine prior to your procedure.
  • Take Arnica tablets for 3 days before, and continuing for 7 days after your s procedure to help minimise bruising and swelling.
  • Avoid Vitamin E, Fish oil, and green tea for 10 days before and after the surgery.
  • DO NOT take Aspirin, Nurofen, or anti-inflammatories for 2-3 weeks before the procedure. If you are on anti-inflammatories please inform the Doctor.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 48 hours pre and pos.
  • If you are taking anticoagulant or blood platelet anti-aggregation drugs please advise the Clinic.
  • Smokers tend to heal a little slower than non-smokers. You may be recommended Vitamin C.
  • If you suffer from cold sores please discuss this with the Doctor.  You may need to take anti-viral therapy for 3 days before and after surgery.


  • For the first 48 hours after, apply cold compresses on the treated skin area. Remember, no pressure is to be exerted on the skin. The compresses should only be placed gently on the areas where the threads have been implanted.
  • Immediately after the, lessen frequent speaking and excessive laughter up to 24 hours. Excessive speaking and laughter can increase unwanted facial movements and can affect the results.
  • Elevate the treated area when sleeping. Use extra pillows and support, and sleep on your back for 7 days. Do not sleep with pressure on your treated skin.
  • Antibiotic therapy is necessary after. Your Doctor will prescribe an appropriate antibiotic for you.
  • After the, it is recommended that you consume soft, warm food so that your mouth only opens a small amount for 7 days.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid very hot drinks.
  • Do not pull your face down.
  • Do not raise your eyebrows or smile.
  • No smoking if possible.
  • No drinking with straws as this distorts the facial muscles.
  • Avoid shaving for 10 days after procedure (because of involuntary grimacing). After 10 days you may shave with a new blade, allowing one pass over the skin without contorting the face. Normal shaving may be resumed after 1 month.
  • Do not use make up for 3-5 days.
  • Hold face with your hands if crying, laughing, coughing or sneezing to avoid excessive use of facial muscles.
  • No strenuous exercise for at least 14 days. Light exercise (eg. Walking) is OK, but if you have any doubt please discuss with Doctor.
  • Paracetamol or Paracetamol with codeine as required.
  • It is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and slight discomfort after the thread lift. There may be a feeling of tightness, pulling, and tenderness.

It is always best to contact your doctor from time to time to ensure that result will be effective

Who can perform for this Treatment?

Any licensed doctor can perform this procedure because it is just simple. Plenty of physicians such as dermatologists, OB/GYN, and even internist can do the treatment. Of course, there will still be difference if this is done by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery.

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