Thinning Crown and Saving Your Hair

Reasons why men suffer hair loss and possible treatments

Did you know that half of the men over 50 suffer some level of hair loss? However, with the advanced tools and technology now available, there are many possible solutions that you can choose from. Here at Skin Club, our team of medical experts with years of experience in delivering excellent results can help you. 

We can offer you information and solutions about male hair loss, whether you are struggling with thinning crowns, male pattern baldness, or receding hairline. For more expert advice, our experts can arrange a special consultation for the perfect hair solution for you.

Cause of Male Hair Loss 

Several factors affect male hair loss, and these are the following. 

  • Hormones 
  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle 
  • Medication 

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition caused by a by-product of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. There is an age old myth that says it can be passed by the mother’s genes but there is no truth to that as it can come from either side of the family. This hormone attaches itself to the hair follicles, which can cause them to shrink over time, resulting in thinning hair or over-all baldness at the crown of the head and frontal hairlines.

What is Thinning Crown 

People often think that a thinning crown is a part of the natural aging process and is irreversible. Men have often given up believing nothing can be done to prevent or stop it from happening. Some have embraced the condition by either going completely bald and sadly wearing a toupe. Others have resorted to constantly wearing hats. 

A thinning crown usually occurs with a receding hairline. However, men will have either one or the other. The thinning crown itself is at the top or on the back of the head, known as the crown. It can sometimes appear in the area known as the vertex.

A thinning crown is one of the most common hair loss in men, and if caught early on, it is possible to reverse its effects. It is also possible to regain a full head of hair even in the thinning crown’s advanced stage. With proper diagnoses and treatment, nothing is impossible. A full head of hair can be yours.

Men with Thinning Crown 

Men for ages have incorrectly held on to the belief that if they begin to lose hair or if they have already experienced extensive hair loss, nothing can be done about it. When you lose hair at the crown, it will thin the hair until the scalp is visible. If left untreated, it will then progress into a bald spot. This bald spot can develop until it meets with the receding hairline creating a rather prominent bald area at the back or top of your head. 

Thinning crowns vary among men and is a common hair issue. But do not worry as an irreversible thinning crown is now a thing of the past. Anything can be resolved as there are nowproven and effective treatments. 

How Much of My Hair will Grow Back? 

It is different for each individual, especially if they are at various stages of thinning. Some men respond to treatments really well, while others will see minimal results. But there is definitely improvement. At the very least, there is hair loss stabilization, which is still worthy of a celebration. 

The vital part is seeking Melbourne hair loss treatment as this is the first step of acknowledging that there is a problem. Once a regrowth program is started and consistently using clinically proven treatments, there will be significant regrowth in three to six months. 

Treatment and Products to the Rescue 

Hair loss like thinning crown can be quite distressing. Do not wait until your hair falls out and start doing something about it. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we can provide you with expert advice on how to treat hair loss. We can take care of your hair making it grow stronger and healthier. 

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