The Switch To Non-Invasive Treatments

Since 2008, 75% of cosmetic procedures in the US switched to nonsurgical, non-invasive treatments. With the decreasing number of traditional plastic surgery procedures, how do you know which of these new technologies is the right one for you?  One of the cosmetic technologies that have had the greatest impact is dermal fillers. Made from a substance found naturally in the human body, these injectables are used to plump, fill out hollows, rejuvenate the skin.

  • Cheeks

Before, the surgical implant procedure is the best option to achieve the symmetry or fullness of the cheekbones. This procedure is costly, extremely painful, with a long recovery time and higher risks of infection and complications. Nowadays, Melbourne cheek filler is applied to the cheek area with no downtime, no pain, and less costly. Cosmetic doctors can gauge accurately how much is required to get a smooth and natural-looking result. 

  • Lips

Lip fillers have become the standard procedure for dermal fillers. Qualified cosmetic doctors only need to use tiny amounts to create a plump and smooth lip in minutes without the patient feeling any pain and hurting their wallets.  These treatments are just a few of the noninvasive procedures available today. To know more about what treatment is suitable for you, make sure you do your research and book in for a consultation at a reputable cosmetic clinic.

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