How Much Does It Cost Of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

More Australians are now booking their cosmetic surgeries overseas because of the cost of cosmetic procedures. In a clinic in Thailand, it can be up to 70% less than in a clinic in Australia. This fact alone can be very enticing for many. However, what many do not take into consideration are the risks involved. Unlike Australia, these countries do not have check-points, fellowships, and regulatory bodies that we have. There is no guarantee that the cosmetic doctor has training, expertise, experience, or even qualifications to operate. So before jumping on a plane to Phuket or any other countries, here are the main dangers of plastic surgery tourism:

  • Your Cosmetic Doctor

It is often difficult to research when choosing your cosmetic physician overseas. You have to consider if he has any history of malpractice if he has the credentials and experience and if he has assessed you thoroughly for suitability before the procedure.

  • The Clinic

Australia has strict regulations for safety, hygiene, and best practice. This is not the case in every country. Often, it is impossible to know whether the medical facilities and equipment are clean and safe. 

  • The Post Operative Care

It is important to know and understand the kind of post-operative care planned for you. Why? Because if something goes wrong, your physician should be able to accommodate you safely to the clinical facilities he has access to.

  • The Best And Latest Techniques 

In medical tourism, cosmetic doctors overseas may have been performing outdated, expensive, and highly invasive procedures. That’s why you must do your research with the up-to-date tools and techniques that your cosmetic doctor has. Your desired results can be achieved with simpler, less expensive, and far less invasive procedures. 

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