All you need to know About Subcision for Acne Scars Cost

Our Subcision for acne scars is a simple and safe procedure that uses specialized hypodermic needles in treating depressed scars. It works by seemingly pulling the hollow, uneven and pitted area of the skin to create a smoother and more even surface.

The use of these small specialized hypodermic needles stimulates the production of collagen within the scar tissue area. It breaks down the scar tissue while allowing the collagen to take over. This, in turn, allows the skin to heal and improve its texture and appearance. Whilst stimulating cell renewal in the treated area.

How is the subcision procedure performed? 

It is a cosmetic procedure that is performed entirely in a clinical setting. The procedure starts by thoroughly cleansing the intended treatment area to ensure that dirt, oils and makeup are removed.

When the treatment area is ready, your cosmetic doctor will define the scar margins with a surgical marker. Tumescent anesthesia is then administered in the treatment area to ensure ease and comfort during the procedure. Tumescent anesthesia is a kind of local anaesthetic consisting of adrenaline substances.

A special hypodermic needle is then inserted at an acute angle adjacent to the scar with the bevel upwards and parallel to the skin surface. The needle is advanced through the dermis and will be slowly and gently moved back and forth to cause a disruption on the blood vessels under the affected skin.

This should allow blood to accumulate while creating a blood pod underneath the treated skin. The blood pod then develops into a blood clot that prevents short-term re-anchoring of the scars deep in your skin. Finer needle points may be used for small superficial scars and even wrinkles.

After your doctor removes the needle, he or she will apply pressure on the treated area to prevent the formation and development of large haematomas. Your doctor will also prescribe a topical antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and boost the healing process.

Is it possible to combine with other cosmetic treatments?

During your consultation, your cosmetic doctor will evaluate the condition of your skin and acne scars. Your cosmetic doctor will then create a treatment plan that will specifically address all your skin woes.

Your personalized treatment plan will include the combination of other cosmetic procedures that your cosmetic doctor deems necessary to achieve your beauty goals. In some cases, laser resurfacing, platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy, and trichloroacetic acid chemical reconstruction of skin scars or TCA CROSS may be recommended to combine with your subcision treatment.

Cost of Subcision

On average, the cost of subcision treatment for acne scars starts from $1790.00 for every treatment. However, the price varies depending on the following factors:

  • The severity of the acne scars;
  • The area intended to be treated;
  • Your skin’s condition or laxity;
  • The number of subcision treatment needed to completely obliterate your acne scars;
  • The application of Medicare Threshold, if you have one; and
  • If there are other cosmetic procedures combined with your subcision treatment.

How many subcision treatments do you need in fully treating your acne scars?

In most cases, you get optimum and noticeable results after your first subcision treatment. However, it should be noted that not all acne scars are the same. Thus, the cost and the number of acne scar subcision treatment sessions depends on the severity, age, and depth of your acne scars.

On average, a patient may be required to undergo three to six subcision treatment sessions to fully eliminate even stubborn acne scars. After completing the recommended treatment plan, you will experience and enjoy the ultimate results of subcision treatment.

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