Skin Booster Juvederm Volite

What is Juvederm Volite Skin Booster

Juvederm Volite skin booster is the latest entry in the family. Doctors use this to even out your skin tone to make it look youthful and vibrant. This has already been approved for use in the US and Europe. Juvederm Volite uses hyaluronic acid in its mixture. This is what doctors use to treat facial wrinkles and folds and other skin rejuvenation treatments.
It stands as the only injectable dermal filler treatment available in an easy-to-use multi-use syringe. This means is you can now easily inject different areas of your face. Now you do not have to to purchase it in different quantities. The benefit of this means that you will pay less for the same amount of Juvederm Volite. With this new injection, you can use it as one of your Melbourne skin hydration Injections.

What Do You Use Juvederm Volite For

Like any skin hydration injection Melbourne, the aim of the Juvederm Volite skin booster is to give you a younger and more attractive look.

If you are looking to cover up minor imperfections and improve the appearance of aging skin, then check this out. You can use Juvederm Volite to remove scars, freckles, birthmarks, and other superficial irregularities. The injections here work by injecting a chemical mixture into your body. This will plump up and hydrate your skin. The result of this is smoothing out any roughness and depressions.

The procedure typically lasts around 15-30 minutes depending on the area you are injecting. How much you need will also depend on where you want to inject it. There are some areas that require more fillers such as your face and neck. Like all, these treatments are not permanent and will wear out as time goes on. To maintain these results, doctors recommend getting a maintenance shot every 6-9 months. This is a shorter period than other but is because the technology is rather new.

Why Should You Pick Juvederm Volite Skin Booster

Juvederm Volite is a new injectable filler that offers a number of advantages over other fillers. This includes more natural results, faster recovery, reduced pain, and faster placement. When comparing it to other fillers, Juvederm Volite skin boosters are usable in more areas too. Unlike things like Profhilo, you can use this all over your face without a problem.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Juvederm Volite over the other vials, but the main one is that it provides a greater volume of filler at a lower price. Created to be a “cost-effective” alternative to Juvederm, it is a great alternative to the more expensive Voluma, Restylane, and Collagen. Volite is a new product that is much softer and easier to use. It is cream-filled with a suspension of a hydrogel, a type of bio-gel.  The gel is much softer than a hydrogel, which makes it easier to inject, and the cream has a much nicer feel on the skin.

Juvederm Volite also promises faster results than other treatments. You can see them just two weeks after. Not only that, but it offers a shorter recovery period. Now you only need to wait about 24 hours for all the redness and swelling to disappear.

Side Effects

According to the FDA, filler injections can cause side effects; however, these side effects are minor and generally only occur when the product is injected in areas of the body where there is a lot of fatty tissue. The most common of these side effects are mild discomfort, a small lump of fatty tissue, which forms under the injection site. It typically disappears after a few months. The treatment is incredibly safe to use since the clinical staff receives training before on how to administer it. They will start by assessing your skin to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. If they determine you are suitable for it, they take every precaution with handling you.
Other side effects include the usual issues with injections. Things such as redness, swelling, and some slight pain are all part of the process. However, these symptoms are temporary. Juvederm Volite skin booster promises they will go away within a day if not within the hour. To ensure the best recovery, they also give some advice on things to make the recovery faster. Doctors advise avoiding alcohol for the next 12 hours and exercise for the next 48. All of this can agitate your skin and slow down recovery. Do not apply any makeup for the next day either as this can irritate your skin.  Lastly, they recommend avoiding sun exposure, cold temperature, and UV lights for the next two weeks while your treatment settles.

What to Expect When Using Juvederm

With any injection, bruising is an ever-present risk. Because of that, doctors advise avoiding certain medications that can make you more prone to bruising. Things like aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and fish oil are all examples of that. Along with that, substances that thin your blood can also cause some issues during the treatment. You should stop taking these at least a week before your treatment.

Aside from that, doctors also recommend placing ice packs on the area you will inject before getting the fillers. This is to shrink the blood vessels and reduce the risk of the doctors accidentally damaging them. Do this for about 5-15 minutes before the treatment.