How to Avoid Profhilo Complications?

You will find side effects and complications in any treatment you get. Even something like Profhilo which is widely very safe does have some complications. These can range from simple and harmless ones that will be gone in a day or two to more serious ones that might require medical attention. However, regardless of what they are, you should be aware of these side effects If they appear. For more serious ones, it can helo because you will know what to do with them when they happen.

Avoid The Profhilo Complications

There are ways to avoid some of the dangers of developing complications from. While you cannot fully avoid them as the treatment inherently contains risk, there are ways to mitigate the effects.

One of the most important ways to avoid developing complications is choosing a quality clinic. Cosmetic treatment like Profhilo needs to be done by a professional using quality products. As a result, quality Profhilo Melbourne costs are more expensive, but you are paying for quality.  Often times cheaper clinics cut corners on safety concerns and tend to hire less skilled staff which drastically increases the risks of something going wrong.

This means doing research on your practitioner online. You should learn not just about their name and contact details, but also their registration and indemnity insurance.

Another important thing to do is bringing up these issues during the preconsult. In a pre-consult, this is when the doctor is explaining to you what will happen and this is the perfect chance to bring up potential complications. At the same time, this is when you should tell them about medical issues you might have and other factors they should keep in mind. While it cannot fully remove the risk, it at least allows the doctors to take precautions.

After the treatment, you should avoid things that might further aggravate the affected area. Things like makeup, extreme temperature, or massages can irritate the skin. Strenuous activities like sports or places like pools and sunbeds are also not good for it as those can affect the skin and blood flow.

Minor Profhilo Complications

For the most part, most side effects that come from Profhilo Melbourne are small and easy to treat if they require treatment at all. Many of them are not even from the treatment itself and instead come from the needle. These are the ones you typically don’t need to worry about and should just be aware that they are there.


Probably one of the most common side effects you will encounter is pain. This is a minor complication that happens because of the Profhilo needle which has a stinging feeling. However, when it is injected, the pain is not particularly strong and you would only feel it for a second. There will be some lingering pain afterward but that only lasts for a day or two and should not be worse than a little discomfort.


Sometimes after you get, a complication occurs where you feel some lumps around the area. Do not worry about that as the Profhilo just absorbed some of the water in your body. To fix this you should use your thumb and index finger to massage the affected area to cause the swelling go down. Focus only on lumps that are visible and prominent because you can end up disrupting the treatment.


Another common Profhilo complication is the risk of bruising. This happens mainly because of the needle where the doctor does not put enough pressure when he removes the needle. On its own, this is pretty harmless and will heal quickly enough. However, this can be made worse if you do a strenuous activity after exercise because there will be increased blood flow to the bruise which can agitate it even more.


This is your body’s response to the injection. Again this is not a serious issue as it is a perfectly natural process and should go away on its own. However, there is a possibility that it might be worse as the addition of heat in the area could be an infection.

Major Complications

Melbourne Profhilo is an incredibly safe treatment, though they do happen from time to time. It is important to remember that these complications are exceedingly rare.


This occurs if the environment of the clinic is not entirely sanitary or if the needle was not properly disinfected before. Infections appear as a red swollen area similar to the regular redness that normally takes place. The difference is that this one has more heat to it and remains even after several days.

Tyndall Effect

This is a side-effect where not all of the hyaluronic acid was absorbed by your skin. Instead, a little bit of it remains visible on your skin in the form of a bluish or grey spot.


A very rare but still possible complication especially if you’re  is being done in the face. Some parts of the face are more dangerous to inject than others. In some cases, during the treatment, these are might be injected incorrectly which can cause blindness.

Vascular Occlusion

A rare but very dangerous complication that can occur if you’re blood is exposed to the Profhilo during treatment. This can reduce regular blood flow and affect the surrounding skin and tissue. Since they are not getting enough oxygen they could end up dying or getting infected. When this happens, there will be severe pain as well as a change of color in the affected area. This normally takes place immediately after the treatment.

What to Do in Case I Have Treatment Complications

Identify Symptoms

We have seen that some symptoms for relatively mild side effects and more serious ones are pretty similar. This means that you should know what the symptoms are to report so they can properly identify what the issue is.

Contact the Clinic

It is absolutely essential that you contact the clinic you got your treatment from. Many of these complications, even the more serious ones are still reversible if they are treated quickly and by professionals. Most professional clinics often keep remedies at hand just in case these situations occur so they can treat the side effects you are experiencing.