Premature Ageing Causes

Premature aging is something best avoided by everybody. Here are the top ten causes and some strategies to avoid them.

1) CAUSE: Genetics

STRATEGY: Acceptance plays an important role here as people age at different rates. In a New Zealand study, they found out that one 38 years old can have the same biological markers on organ function as a 28-year-old and while another can have that of a 61-year-old. 

2) CAUSE: Smoking

STRATEGY: Do not smoke. 

3) CAUSE: Sun Exposure

STRATEGY: Wear sunscreen.

4) CAUSE: Alcohol 

STRATEGY: Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

5) CAUSE: Parenting

STRATEGY: Too many parents age themselves rapidly through loss of sleep, lack of time to exercise, and putting everyone else’s needs first. 

6) CAUSE: Too much food

STRATEGY: Stick to eating foods as close to their natural state as possible, eat colorful food, lean protein, keep your fiber up, and drink water. So simple.

7) CAUSE: Too little food

STRATEGY: Enjoy your food, eat the right amount of all those yummy antioxidant-rich foods we just talked about and health and happiness will radiate like moonbeams from your face.

8) CAUSE: Mental Illness

STRATEGY: Stay away from drugs and consult with a specialized doctor. Pay close attention to your mental state and seek medical help.

9) CAUSE: Grief / Stress

STRATEGY: Elimination is impossible and management is key. Make sure you have people to talk to and accept grief and stress are as inevitable as death and taxes but they do make the good times sweeter. 

10) CAUSE: No skincare regime

STRATEGY: Consult a professional who can help choose the right cosmetics for your skin type.

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