How Much Mole Removal Price in Melbourne?

Do you have moles all over your face?

If you do, are you happy seeing them when you look in the mirror?

Having moles all over your skin is a natural bodily occurrence. It is a part of the developmental stages of the human body. On average, an individual may incur about forty to sixty moles on the entire body until he or she becomes an adult.

Many factors contribute to the growing number of moles in your body. However, one of the most common culprits in having too many moles is genetics. Indeed, family lineage always plays an important role in the body structures that you currently possess. Thus, when any of your family members are endowed with a skin structure that is prone to having moles, it is most likely that your skin has the same structure.

Other causes or triggers of having too many moles include sun exposure, some medication, certain medical conditions, and hyperpigmentation. In most cases, moles are non-cancerous especially during the start of their development on the skin. However, some of these moles may become cancerous and precarious to your health as time passes.

When you notice some extraordinary mole development on your skin, it may be best to have them checked right away. This can help ensure that those mole growths are benign and innocuous.

Whether or not you like them eliminated from your skin, it is best to consult your trusted skin specialist or dermatologist for the best and most cost-efficient Melbourne mole removal procedure.

What mole removal options are available for me and how much are they typically priced?

Just like any other skin condition, there are several ways of eliminating unwanted moles or lesions from your skin. However, the cost of treatment varies depending on the number of moles to be removed, the condition of the mole and the type of treatment employed.

Here are the most popular  treatments that are available in Melbourne:

Ultra-High Radiosurgery

This is a radiofrequency-aided treatment that involves ablative procedures in cauterizing unwanted moles and skin lesions. The ultra-high radiosurgery  option aims to reduce any bleeding at the excision site using the radiofrequency heat emitted by the device.

This treatment is ideal for warding off skin tags and warts while considerably lowering any risks of scarring. Thus, making this procedure an excellent option for removing facial moles.

On average, the radiosurgery it cost starts at $85 per mole. However, some dermatological clinics offer mole removing packages that are usually priced between $300 to $995 for removing up to 10 moles. This price depends on the number of moles to be removed and the severity of the mole’s condition.

In some instances, radiosurgery it is combined with other procedures such as anti-scar therapy or collagen injections for more optimum results. In which case, additional costs may be involved.

Laser Mole Removal

Compared to radiosurgery, laser treatment is less ablative. This is a non-surgical clinical approach for removing moles and skin lesions. It uses an advanced light-based technology. It emits heat in reducing unwarranted pigmentation without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

It can be applied to most types of moles including raised moles or flat benign pigmented lesions. This treatment has been proven to yield safe, fast, efficient, and reliable results and it can be used for almost all types of skin.

The cost of this treatment is ranged from $125 to $165 per mole. This price may vary depending on the area where the mole is located, and whether the mole is cancerous or not. Additional costs may be considered for biopsy and other tests to determine the condition of your moles.

Mole Removal by Excision

It is a traditional surgical approach to removing unwanted moles. This treatment involves the use of a scalpel in removing the mole and repairing the treatment site with sutures. It can be engaged for many kinds of hypertrophic moles and skin lesions.

This traditional technique is typically priced at $150 to $290 per mole. The treatment price will be based on many circumstances. It may include the fee corresponding to the skills of your dermatologist, the devices and products used, and the condition and location of the mole.

Which procedure is the best?

Imploring the best mole treatment depends on the needs of the patient. The right procedure differs based on the status and characteristics of your mole or skin lesion. To ensure that you get the best treatment, it may be best to consult your trusted cosmetic doctor in Melbourne.

During your consultation, your mole will be evaluated to determine its characteristics. This, in turn, can help define the most ideal treatment to have it removed. When the right treatment has been singled out, your doctor will help you understand why such treatment is recommended for you.