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Mole Mapping Melbourne

What is Mole Mapping in Melbourne

Of the different types of skin cancer, you can get, some of the worst are those involving moles. It is hard to tell whether your mole is a regular spot or something more malignant. This is why Melbourne mole mapping is important to keep track of that. This is a treatment done by doctors to monitor and screen your skin.

This process involves taking photos of your entire body to serve as the map. From there, this will be the baseline that doctors monitor for future visits. During your next visit, they will repeat the process and compare the images. These visits can range from every year on a regular patient, to every few weeks for high-risk patients.

This is so that if there are any changes in your moles or other lesions, the doctors can see them right away.

How is Melbourne Mole Mapping Done?

The process of mole mapping in Melbourne is fairly simple and will not take too long. What happens is that during your sessions, the doctor will take you to a special room made for this process. You will probably have to strip down to your underwear. From there a camera will move along your body, scanning and taking pictures. As this happens, the doctor will ask you to move and change positions so that they can see everything and get the best angles.

New technology in Melbourne mole mapping has made this process faster and more reliable. This is because the cameras they use are much better at detecting things. If they find any moles, they will take no of their size, color, and other features. The pictures they gather here will serve as a baseline for your future visits. This means they can quickly identify changes in them with time.

However, it is important to remember that while this is effective, it does not replace regular skin check Melbourne with the dermatologist. you will have to do those as well and often use those in conjunction with your mole mapping exams.

Why is Mole Mapping Important?

The biggest benefit of Melbourne mole mapping is being able to monitor your skin for cancer. In particular, Melanoma cancer is one of the biggest risks that comes from leaving moles unchecked. Melanoma cancer is a rare but very dangerous type of cancer that usually manifests itself in the form of lesions resembling moles. This makes it difficult in identifying what is a regular mole and what might be a sign of cancer. However, the giveaway is that Melanoma lesions tend to grow as time goes on.

This is what makes mole mapping important as they are some of the best ways to keep track of moles in your body in Melbourne clinics. You cannot always tell if a mole is growing by looking down. With this treatment though, doctors can measure these moles and accurately tell if their lesions are growing any further. This also ensures that your doctors will not miss anything as the photos give them a look at your whole body at all times.

Because the process is done with specialized tools like the Dermoscopy photos, the results here are more accurate. Here doctors can easily assess the moles without having to constantly call you in to do it in person. This makes them more reliable than any regular photo treatment you can do at home or in regular clinics. This can make biopsies less necessary with an easier alternative.

The mole mapping can lead to early detection of potentially cancerous growths. in Melbourne For conditions like Melanoma cancer, getting early detection and treatment is key to solving them. This lets the doctors operate quickly and cut it out before it has the chance to grow.

For you, this can save you a lot of money and stress from having to deal with the risk of hospitalization from cancer. While mole mappings are not exactly cheap, neither is getting admitted to the hospital for cancer treatment.

Who is Eligible for Mole Mapping

Generally speaking, everyone is eligible to go and check for a mole mapping exam. In fact, doctors recommend that people do have their skin checked at least once a year to keep up to date with any issues. However, some people may need it more than others. These are people who are at higher risk of cancer.

People with Multiple Moles

If you have many moles, that can be a problem with figuring out if you have cancer or not. This can make it hard to keep track of all your moles and figure out which ones are dangerous. That is why mole mapping allows your doctor in Melbourne to keep accurate track of them for you by having them all readily available to see and identify. This lets them study it one by one to see which ones might be harmful.

A Family History of Cancer

Cancer is known to be hereditary and people who have cancer can potentially pass it down to children. This is why those who have parents or other relatives dealing with skin cancer should probably get themselves looked at as well. This is especially true if they also have moles growing. For all, you know this can already be a sign of cancer developing in your body. It certainly will not hurt to take a look at it and see if it is safe or not. Some people are even porn with something known as Congenital nevi. These are dark marks found in your body from birth. They are similar to birthmarks but can potentially grow and develop into cancer.

Unusual Moles

Not all moles look alike and some of them can stand out quite a bit. These unusual moles can be particularly large and with an unusual shape. Others can have multiple colors at once which appears rather odd. This is because these moles are more likely to be malignant and are the ones you should take the time to look at. Thankfully a Melbourne mole mapping process can identify if they are dangerous.

Sunburns or Sun Tanning

One of the main causes of skin cancer, in general, is overexposure to the sun. This is true for Melanoma cancer as well. What makes it dangerous though is that the growths from Melanoma do not necessarily appear in areas that you expose to the sun. This means that the moles can appear anywhere after you do something like suntan or experience a sunburn. This is why skin cancer cases are so high in Australia and why constantly having a Melbourne skin check with mole mapping is important.


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