Things To Know Before Laser Mole Removal Treatment

A mole is a natural and usually non-cancerous skin growth that may be skin-toned or darker in colour. Although having moles is not generally a medical issue, it can greatly impact the aesthetics of your face or skin.

Moles can appear in any part of the body and their sizes, appearance and texture also vary. In some cases, big dark moles that appear on the face can be a cosmetic nuisance. There are also instances when the development of moles become cancerous over time. These are mainly the grounds why most people opt to have their moles removed.

What is the best cosmetic procedure?

There is more than one way of dealing with unwanted moles. However, the best technique to eliminate these moles is through laser treatments.

What is laser mole removal?

It is a non-surgical technique that involves the use of light radiation in disrupting the skin cells that comprises the mole or lesion growth on the skin. These laser devices are equipped with a precision system. This technology directly addresses the specific problem while ensuring that the surrounding skin tissues are intact and unharmed.

Laser treatments for mole can be applied for both raised and flat moles. Each procedure takes about 10 minutes to remove. Thus, the duration of the procedure depends on the number of moles to be removed and the location of each mole.

Why should I opt?

Here are some reasons why most patients choose laser procedures over other procedures:

  • Non-cancerous moles: When your mole is threatening to become cancerous over time, it may be best to have it removed while it is still benign. It is ideal in this case because when the mole becomes cancerous, a surgical procedure may be a better option.
  • Time-efficient procedure: In most cases, cosmetic doctors recommend focusing on one area per session in case the patient wants to remove multiple moles on different parts of the body. It also offers virtually no downtime, hence, you can return to work after the treatment.
  • Cost-efficient treatment: This approach does not involve cuts, incisions, and sutures, hence, it does not require lengthy procedures and long hospital stays. In which case, patients can save up from these additional hospital expenses.
  • Virtually no scar: Since laser treatments do not involve incisions and stitches, it is also less likely to incur after-operation scarring. The heat emitted from the light energy of the laser device helps keep the skin tissues intact. Thus, keeping your skin, smooth, clear and scar-free.
  • Virtually pain-free: Choosing It involves much less pain compared to surgical cutting and cauterizing. The use of laser beams reduces the pain to a mild tingling sensation only. Local anaesthetic is also applied before the lasering of your moles, hence, ensuring a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure.
  • No risk of infections: Since no incisions, excisions and stitches are involved, there is also no risks of incurring infections.
  • Little to no downtime: Patients may experience mild swelling and a slight burning sensation after the procedure. However, these downtimes are bearable and will resolve on their own within the next 24 hours following the procedure.

What kind of moles are most suitable for laser treatment?

Patients with small, epidermal and benign moles are the most ideal candidates. However, flat and medium to large moles may also be removed with laser treatments but may require several sessions to completely obliterate them.

In most cases, moles that do not require a biopsy are good cases for employing laser treatments. When your cosmetic doctor deems fit that you need to go through a biopsy or other tests, he or she will help you understand why these are needed and why laser may not be the right treatment for you. Your doctor may also recommend you for another procedure such as a surgical mole excision.

It is also ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as the back of the ears or in between toes. And because this treatment is not time-consuming, it can be employed for eliminating multiple moles.

How do I know if laser mole removal is the ideal cosmetic approach for me?

Although your preferred treatment for your mole removal is a laser procedure, the final decision still rests on the evaluation and diagnosis of your cosmetic doctor. Thus, it is best to visit your trusted cosmetic doctor in Melbourne for a consultation and comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis.

During this time, your doctor will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your mole. If he or she deems fit that  is the best option for you, a patient-specific plan will be created to help you achieve your goal. This will include your doctor’s diagnosis and the number of sessions needed to completely diminish the moles you intend to remove.

When the mole evaluation shows that it is anchored deep through your dermis, your doctor may recommend another treatment including surgery or cryotherapy. The same is true if your doctor deems fit that your mole has the characteristics of being cancerous. In which case, you may be referred for a biopsy.

Our Take Away

In essence, It is an amazing way of imploring clarity for your mole-prone skin. Laser treatment can also help eliminate other skin atrocities including hyperpigmentation, scars and other skin lesions. However, dealing with severe cases may entail more than one session to completely obliterate these moles and other skin growths.

Whether you prefer a laser approach or a surgical procedure is not entirely up to you. The condition of your mole must first be assessed to ensure your safety and a lower risk of infection. A cancerous mole would require the intricacies of a surgical procedure, hence, even if you opted for a laser treatment, your doctor may recommend a different procedure.

Remember not to pull out your mole by yourself. Unless you are a medical professional specializing in skin conditions, never ever try to diagnose yourself and attempt to cut or remove your own mole. Doing so may result in infections and unwarranted complications.

Indeed, laser mole removal is not for every patient. Always rely on professional diagnosis and recommendation. This can ensure that you are getting the right treatment that can help you achieve your beautification goals.

Learn more about mole removal in Melbourne today and say goodbye to those pesky moles forever!