Korea’s Beauty Trends

The Korean beauty industry has a range of innovative ingredients and products that trends in the market. Here’s our inside story on Korea’s beauty trends. 

1.Sparkling powder face bath

This deep pore cleanser originated from Japan and used by most Korean celebrities. It works by dissolving the sparkling powder with tap water in a bowl. Then, submerge your face into the water for about a minute. Pat dry with a clean face towel. The bubbly fizz will make your skin cleansed, refreshed and you will feel firmer and toned.

2.Seaweed face mask

A kelp face mask hydrates and nourishes your skin. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins to combat the dreaded acne and hyperpigmentation while giving you a glowing, clear complexion.

3.Topical anti-wrinkle gel

BoLC A+ topical gel, a product made by a Korean company named Midaskin, promises an ultimate anti-wrinkle effect. The gel has 95% of the amino acids which is botulinum and the remaining 5% is the difference administration of the product (injectable and topical). It was officially approved by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. In clinic trials, the results last 3-4 weeks before it wears off. The effects are impressive and accessible without the need of going to cosmetic clinics. 

4.Facial contouring

Koreans had a different take on facial contouring. Instead of the contouring done by Kim Kardashian, female Koreans highlight the center of their face, conceal the under eyes, add shimmer tints along the brow, chin, and nose to create a “V-line”. The soft oval with a dainty, elegant chin is an ideal face shape in Korea because it makes the facial features appear smaller. 

5.Ombré lips

Ombré is the process of gradually blending two or three shades of lip color from dark to light. It is a great way to fake fullness on the lips without appearing to be overdrawn with lip liner.

6.Anti-wrinkle LED device

The Anti-wrinkle LED device is a mask shaped tool that sends wavelengths and penetrates deep within the skin without damaging the outer layer. Through this device, the collagen levels increase, reduce wrinkles, and improve scars and hyperpigmentation.

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