Is it painful to get rhinoplasty?

Changing the appearance of your nose is one of the best ways to improve your overall appearance. You may not have realized it, but the nose is actually the biggest part of our faces when it comes to how others perceive us. Not only is it right there in the middle and in the front, but it is one of the two things that other people notice first when they take a look at us, together with our eyes! But sculpting your nose sounds like a difficult surgery which may not only be hard to accomplish, but may also be painful. Will it hurt during the treatment? What about the recovery period? Will I be able to pull through? These questions are without a doubt eating away at you, but don’t worry – we can answer all of them!

Is the surgery itself painful?

It is hard to say whether the surgery, in general, is painful because there are virtually no two identical surgeries! Such a thing is very specific to each individual patient and there are a lot of factors to take in before you can even take a guess. First of all, it depends on the area of surgery. A small surgery on the tip of the nose is going to be way less invasive than straightening a crooked nose or making the whole of it narrower. It also depends on your body’s natural capability to handle such situations. But do not worry, even if your case is quite severe and the surgery is going to be pretty invasive, you will most likely not feel a thing. Rhinoplasty is most often done under general anesthesia, meaning you will wake up fresh and fine after the surgery is over. In some less serious cases, only local anesthesia is used, which should also eliminate most, if not all, pain. The tough part begins after the surgery. You will most likely have to spend a night or two at the hospital before you will be allowed to leave and a splint will be placed on your nose to keep it stable and supported. You will also get packings inside your nostrils, which can be a little uncomfortable but are necessary.

Will I feel any pain during the recovery?

Unfortunately, you probably will. This is why surgeons often prescribe pain medication to use during the recovery time whenever you feel pain in the area around your nose. Do not worry, though, it should not take long for all of those symptoms to pass and the splint and packings to be removed. The first week is always the most difficult one. You will not be able to breathe through your nose during the entire time and pain and nosebleeds may sometimes happen. If you are in pain, take some painkillers. If you get a nosebleed, lean your head forward and apply pressure to your nostrils for about ten minutes. The nosebleed should stop after that.

You will also experience some bruising and swelling after the surgery, but it should not be too painful or uncomfortable. It will look a bit undesirable, but it is a necessity to go through this. You should also avoid hot water and contact sports, and definitely stay home for at least a week after the surgery.

Can anything go wrong with the surgery?

There are, sadly, things that can sometimes go wrong during the procedure. To minimize the probability of those complications happening, make sure you only use the services of skilled and experienced doctors, such as the professionals at Skin Club Australia. We guarantee the best available service! The most common complication after nose reshaping is breathing difficulty. This usually because your nostrils are blocked somewhere along the way, which obstructs the airflow. There are also cases of heavy nosebleeds which require hospitalization to stop. A weird sense of smell also sometimes lingers for a couple of months after the surgery. As with every cosmetic surgery, there are also risks involved. An infection might happen, especially when the environment of the surgery is not sterile. An allergic reaction to the anesthetic agent can occur if proper tests were not done. A blood clot can also get developed in one of your veins, which can be quite dangerous if not taken care of. But the surgery is still one of the safest available cosmetic surgeries! These risks and complications might sound scary, but they are very rare and usually the doctor is at fault. We recommend using the services of Skin Club Australia’s experienced doctors for the best results! If you’d like to learn more about Surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne, or any other cosmetic procedure, feel free to contact us at any time!

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