Hormones Affect the Aging Process

Diet and exercise habits may slow down the aging process, but for some women, the signs of aging appear more quickly. Fortunately, there are ways to counteract hormonal aging.  Hormones are produced in different parts of the body and they regulate metabolism and immune function and affect sleep, weight, mood, memory, as well as skin texture and muscle mass. It impacts how we age and tends to come on suddenly. Any imbalance of the hormones can increase the symptoms of aging.  Below are a few options to correct unwanted signs of aging due to declining hormones.

1.Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) –

This is used to treat medical symptoms of hormonal imbalances and promote collagen. However, it will not repair sun damage. 

2.Wear sunscreen daily –

Applying sunscreen protects the skin’s collagen and slows down hormonal aging.

3.Drink a lot of water –

Staying hydrated improves skin’s volume and appearance.

4.Eat healthy foods –

Foods with phytoestrogens are recommended by dermatologists and OB/GYN doctors to combat hormonal aging.

5.Skincare –

Topical retinoids and topical vitamin C boosts collagen production.

6.Dermal fillers –

If hormonal aging is already present, dermal fillers are noninvasive treatments to restore skin volume and smooth wrinkles.

7.Laser skin rejuvenation –

Laser treatments can also stimulate collagen production.

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