Hair Fall Treatment: Fight for Every Strand

Having a headful of healthy, shiny, beautiful hair is not just a simple matter of vanity. Hair loss is a genuine concern for millions of people. It is normal to feel anxious and distressed about losing hair, so we will give you quick facts about the nature of hair loss and its possible solutions. It is now 2020, and baldness should be optional. 

What is Hair Loss

Millions of people suffer from hair loss. You are not alone. By the time they reach 50 years old, about two-thirds of men will have to deal with baldness. Male baldness does not happen quickly but over a long period of time. Most men begin to see symptoms even before they are 21. 

Only 50% of women, on the other hand, will have to deal with hair loss in their lifetime. It mostly happens to women over 40 or those who wear their hair in a tight ponytail, or those that recently age birth. 

It is a Medical Concern

Hair loss covers a vast spectrum of possible medical conditions concerning hair loss symptoms, treatments, and possible causes. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. It is defined as the complete or partial absence of hair in places where hair usually grows. 

It is a medical concern as it can lead to a decline in self-image and affect a person’s overall mental health. 

A certain amount of hair loss is normal and is to be expected. The human scalp loses around 100 strands per day. This is the natural cycle of hair loss, and this follows and even distribution across the scalp. 

Hair loss should not be considered a life sentence. Scientists over the years have come up with effective solutions and medical breakthroughs to combat hair loss.  Treatments can help you restore your hair’s youthful volume and density. 

Here are a couple of popular hair treatments. 

  1. Finasteride

This is the gold standard in hair treatments. Finasteride is usually in the form of an oral tablet. It works by blocking 5a-Reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. With this treatment, patients often see improvement after six months. 

2. Minoxidil 

You have probably heard about this hair treatment, as this has been around for decades. It is the most tried and tested topical treatment for hair loss. It works by opening up the blood vessels, which results in nourishing the follicles for fuller and thicker growth. 

3. Hair Transplants 

Transplants are the more advanced, good looking counterpart of hair plugs famous in the ’90s. In today’s leading hair clinics, hair transplants are now being offered to patients giving them natural-looking hair. 

4. Plate Mesotherapy 

Platelets are vital to our body’s function as it is the primary component responsible for clotting. It also contains several growth factors if you isolate it from red blood cells. And these have been proven to stimulate the stem cells at the base of each follicle improving the content of collagen in the skin and improving blood supply. 

The effect of this treatment is significant hair growth and thickness. It is best to have spaced treatment every three months. It can be administered through intradermal injections or mesotherapy devices. 

 Do not Wait Until It is Too Late 

If you suffer from hair loss, you need to keep in mind that you are not alone and that there are plenty of treatment options that you can choose from. It is a very common condition that has afflicted men and women worldwide since time immemorial. And with the advancement of technology, there are now a number of options to reverse hair loss, prevent, and mask it. 

You need not worry as there are many available Melbourne hair loss treatments that you can choose from. You can fight hair loss with the help of our specialist at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctor’s effective treatment programs. Our medical team of experts will give you a thorough diagnosis that is tailor-fit to your needs. We will find the best solution that suits your individual hair and scalp concerns. Helping you correct the cause of hair loss so you can have strong and healthy hair.