Why You Need Dark Circle Removal Treatment?

What are Dark Circles

To figure out about dark circle removal, you should first understand what they are. Dark circles are a condition you will almost certainly encounter at some point or another. As its name says, these are when you have a noticeable discoloration in the area under your eyes. This is in the form of dark circles. If you have them don’t worry too much, these are not serious medical issues and you shouldn’t have to worry about your health. However, they can still remain a nuisance on your face thanks to their unsightly appearance.

These are caused by a variety of issues like allergies, sun damage, lack of sleep, or genetics and affect millions of people. It can also be a sign of aging as your skin thins out and becomes sunken. Because of that, there have been many dark circle treatments Melbourne that aim for their removal.

Whatever the cause may be, what happens after is undeniable. The discoloration comes from a build-up of fluids and a lack of blood flow. This can also be a reason for inflammation and swelling which can get worse over time. It can also be a result of dehydration as your eyes are forced to over-exert yourself without being given enough time to rest or absorb moisture.

Common Treatments for Dark Circle Removal

Home Remedies

One of the most common suggestions you may hear is that you can treat dark circles with the stuff you have at home. There are many articles and videos online about how people do it. Normally it involves a special diet or applying something over your eye to reduce the effects. These treatments certainly can help and reduce some of the effects, they are not perfect and suffer from two issues.

The first is a lack of real research and scientific backing towards it. That is not to say that these treatments are completely made up because it offers good logic to them. The real issue is that no one has really conducted any scientific research on it. This means we do not to fully understand how effective these treatments are or if any other factors are in play. The second issue is that these treatments are short-term and meant only to reduce the effects. Many of these treatments are meant only to reduce the existing effects of dark circles but don’t do anything for their removal. They treat the symptoms of dark circles but not the underlying issues that stem from them.

Eye Creams

Eye creams are another part of a Melbourne dark circle removal treatment, and an essential one at that. With these eye creams, you can get a lot of benefits from them. Aside from just moisturizing and smoothing out your face, these creams can also help with other issues of your under eyes. These eye creams can remove wrinkles, smoothen your skin, improve blood flow, and encourage the growth of collagen. Some of these can indirectly help with dark eyes.

However, the important thing to remember is that this works indirectly. It treats some of the underlying symptoms of dark circles as well as helps symptoms that play a part in it. However, these treatments cannot fix dark circles and only act as a concealer to make them less prominent.

The Best Treatments for Dark Circle Removal

Laser therapy

Laster treatment is done as a way to treat dark circles and potentially ensure their removal. This is done by taking a laser to the area around your eye and burning the top layers of skin in this area that are causing the dark circles. This process leaves a fresh layer of skin that can emerge firmer and younger than the last. The process stimulates collagen growth that leaves a fresh layer that is tighter than the last. Because of that, it is more elastic and flexible than the old layer. While it may seem dangerous to use a laser in this area, it is actually quite safe. There are many precautions that clinics take to avoid issues. There are multiple treatments available depending on what you are looking for and how invasive they are. These can affect how long they last with it lasting from a few months to removing dark circles permanently.

Undereye Fillers

Another tactic for dark circle removal is the use of fillers. You do this by injecting fillers into the affected area under your eyes. Rather than just fill it up though, like botox, these fillers inject a jelly-like acid of hyaluronic acid. This is a protein that addresses the issue of thinning skin and the loss of tissue that happens from dark circles. It happens because the proteins improve water retention and absorption, reducing the sunken and dehydration you experience. A treatment like this can last for a few months or up to a year, however, subsequent treatments can serve as maintenance shots.


One of the oldest but still reliable medical treatments for dark circle removal is through surgery, specifically, blepharoplasty. This can remove extra skin or fat deposits that form around our eyes and can cause dark circles. In the treatment, your doctor will begin to cut an incision that leaves them free to apply a numbing agent. From there, they can begin cutting away the fat and tissue, leaving you exposed. If you have dark circles, these will be among the things removed.  Without these eye bags, you no longer have the shadows which create dark circles.

Changing Your Lifestyle

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and changing parts of your life is the best way to ensure both. This is not a singular treatment, but a series of small changes you can do to reduce the effects of dark circles. This depends on what is causing your dark circles, and once your doctor figures it out, you can apply it to your Melbourne dark circle removal treatment. For example, if it comes from a lack of sleep, you can adjust your sleeping schedule to make the change. For cases of Vitamin deficiency, a change in diet can sort that out. This requires the most investment from you as you constantly need to change and adjust what you do, but is the most cost-effective and least invasive.