What is a Chin Implant & How It Works?

A chin implant is a post-surgical way for Melbourne chin augmentation. They are a type of dental restorative device that doctors use to augment the shape of the chin. Doctors do this to replace your chin with a custom-made implant contour made of silicone. The treatment work to help balance out the chin area and correct an uneven appearance. In particular, it works to correct issues like a crooked or protruding jaw. These happen when your chin bone is malformed or doesn’t develop enough.

The instrument they use in chin implant surgery is a metal plate that they place under the skin in the lower jaw. This lets it attach to the bone just below the jawbone. A chin implant is designed to add a more pronounced curve to your jaw, by joining your lower jaw to your upper jaw. Once the implant is in place, it gradually changes the shape of your chin to the same angle as your jaw, making your chin more prominent.

Why You Would Want a Chin Implant

If you have an old, sore, or weak chin, or some bad surgery, your appearance will suffer. Growing up, many people have to deal with the ridicule of schoolmates, coworkers, family members, etc. As a result, many of us are afraid to show our true selves or put ourselves out there. To try and fix this, many people try traditional dentures to cover their lower jaws. However, these are not a perfect solution you have to replace them every few years. This is where chin implants come in. They are a great way to fill in old gaps for an immediate appearance improvement.
Although the chin may not seem like an important part of your body, it can make a huge difference in your appearance. Your chin and jaw is the anchor of your face. This means when it doesn’t look right, it can make everything seem out of proportion. Meanwhile having a strong chin can create balance in your chin, lips, and nose. When they have balance it can create symmetry around your face that looks really good.

Types of Implants

Before you decide whether or not to get a chin implant, it is important to understand what they are. Doctors use this to replace the jawbone that is missing, usually after cancer surgery. The surgery involves inserting a wire into the jaw bone (surgical implant) and then using it to attach a rod that will provide support to the jaw (fixed implant).

Silicone Implants

Silicone chin implants are a type of implant that is used to treat conditions such as recession, asymmetry, and inadequate chin projection. All of these conditions affect how your chin looks in your daily life. With silicones, it is possible to achieve the best possible chin projection while still retaining healthy skin. This helps with your overall appearance, giving you a more dynamic and realistic look that lets all your features seem more proportional to each other.

Medpor Implants

The Medpor chin implant has been around the world since 1974 when it was created by Dr. Robert Wexelblat. It’s also one of the most popular chin implant brands in the U.S. This is a microporous high-density polyethylene implant, an entirely biocompatible material. When placing it on you, doctors will take the time to shape it and ensure it aligns and fits your jaw perfectly. When you compare it to other implants, the Medpor is very easy to remove making it one of the most comfortable you can use.

Gore-Tex Implants

similar to Silicone, this is another implant that doctors commonly use. Aside from just your chin, these also work for vascular and cardiac surgery. While not as common as silicone, it is still a safe and reliable option for implants. Unlike silicone, the material in Gore-Tex is porous, allowing for better growth with your tissue and chin. This keeps the implant in place and prevents it from moving around. However, this makes it harder to remove when you do not need it. This makes it harder to remove especially if it is close to something sensitive. Doctors normally recommend this if you can keep it on for long periods.

Benefits of a Chin Implant

We all want to look our best whether that be younger, prettier, or more rugged. Working on our jaw with chin implants is one of the best ways we can do this. Our jaw can do wonders for our chin profile and lets us adjust other parts of our face aside from the health benefits. All of this makes for reasons to consider chin augmentation Melbourne.
A good chin implant can alter your appearance in all directions, up-down, and side. A strong chin can affect how people view your nose and lips, making you look more attractive. This is because it can help make your face appear more symmetrical such as by having a strong chin to balance a large nose.
One of the biggest benefits you get in using a chin implant is that the results last much longer. Some implants use biocompatible materials which allows them to integrate with parts of your mouth as time goes on. This allows it to make permanent changes towards your mouth. While you can achieve this with surgery, chin implants are less invasive and cause fewer side effects.

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