All You Need To Know About Carbon Laser Facial

If you have ever heard any reference to a laser facial treatment known as the China Doll facial, then you must know that it was in reference to the Carbon Laser Facial. Getting a facial with laser treatment is here to stay as it is not just safe but also a procedure that gives you the hope of deep layer skin rejuvenation and radiant skin.

It is excellent for darker skin types, as it works in reducing the bacteria that causes acne, removing dead skin cells and surface dirt. Several patients have attested to the efficiency of the facial laser for most types of facial treatment, leaving the skin smoother and softer. So, what exactly is carbon laser facial all about?

What is a carbon laser facial?

This non-invasive treatment procedure is also referred to as charcoal peel or carbon laser peel. Usually, a layer of liquid carbon is applied over the face where it will penetrate the skin pores. Next, the laser whose light is attracted to the carbon particles blasts it away.

The laser then gets rid of the carbon particles that absorb contaminants, including the oil in the enlarged pores, blackheads, and dead skin cells. Overall, carbon laser facial exfoliates the skin where you enjoy the results of an even skin tone with reduced pore size.

What to expect at your clinic?

If you are interested in a carbon laser facial, this is the most likely process this procedure will follow. First, your physician will apply a carbon lotion, cream, or paste on your already cleaned skin. This will be made to form a thin layer while on your face for about twenty minutes. During this time, the carbon dries and gets attached to different contaminants before it is ready to meet the laser.

When the light from the laser reaches the carbon, it absorbs all the light energy leading to a mini-explosion. This mini-explosion pushes heat energy deep into the skin layers where collagen and elastin are activated. This activation leads to the production of new cells in which the carbon on the skin’s surface is vaporized along with dead skin cells, oil, and dirt before reducing the pore size.

Although the mention of vaporizing and explosions may seem a little scary when it comes to pain, you will only feel a mild tingling sensation. There is generally very little pain or discomfort. At the end of your China Doll facial, your skin will feel slightly warm with tighter pores, reduced fine lines, and an even skin tone.

These effects, which start almost immediately, usually last for several days, and the fact that it’s a super-fast procedure makes carbon laser facial amazing. People with oily skin enjoy a lot more benefits as it targets the oil glands and reduces the bacteria responsible for acne.

Benefits of Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon laser peel has tons of benefits. This carbon laser treatment doesn’t discriminate based on age as its great for all ages. It is useful in removing acne, blackheads, wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, dark spots, age spots, and shrinking pores. Apart from these, it works in moisturizing the skin while also improving elasticity by tightening the skin.

You can also get youthful and firmer skin, thanks to the laser that stimulates collagen production when it penetrates deep into the skin layers. So overall, we have clear pores, improved skin texture, collagen growth, removal of dead skin cells, reduced scars, and reduction of wrinkles.

All these make for radiant skin, something we all love. Apart from these physical benefits, it’s impressive how you can get this done a few hours before an evening out or during a lunch break at work. You can decide to have your laser treatment monthly as a way of maintaining your skin quality. Every treatment is a way of building on previous ones with better and improved results.

This will lead to what we call the regeneration of cell turnover, and from here, there is nowhere else to go but up. About three treatments over three months is a good recommendation for maximum results. Carbon laser facial has no downtime, so you need little to no recovery time. So, it’s okay to apply makeup a few hours after your face laser procedure.

However, you may experience some side effects, although this is rare. These may include rashes, flaking, and itching, which clear up within a few days. It would help if you also took aftercare seriously by using sunscreen. You should also avoid swimming and hot water, as this could lead to infections.

As said earlier, you may not experience these side effects, which will depend mainly on the physician handling your treatment. Ensure that you enlist a professional who understands the machine and will be willing to discuss the details of the treatment.

This carbon facial treatment has become the go-to skin rejuvenation treatment for millions of women around the world looking to enhance collagen growth and reduce the appearance of large pores. This procedure is great! In no time at all after your treatment, you can have the confidence to step out and go to any special event with your skin looking more radiant than ever.

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