All you need to know about Calf Slimming Injections Treatment

Calf slimming treatments are non-surgical cosmetic treatments that offer slimmer legs to patients. It offers various benefits to many patients, women and men alike. Indeed, even men are conscious about their calves. However, more women dream of having sexier calves.

Well, who doesn’t want sexy slim legs?

Having sexier calves offer more clothing lines to choose from. Women can wear shorter and sexier skirts or dresses. They can be more confident about showing off their legs.

But how can women achieve this without going through surgery?

Generally, surgery will always be the gold standard in cosmetic enhancements. However, many women on the go prefer non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Thus, even for calf slimming, they would still go for safe and effective treatments without going under a knife.

Luckily, the ever-evolving cosmetic realm offers its innovative magic wand in slimming down your claves. You never have to go through lengthy procedures or long hospital stays just to achieve the sexy calves that your dream of.

How do these Melbourne work?

Uses slimming agents that blocks nerve signals from reaching the gastrocnemius. This is a muscle found in your calf that exudes that familiar bump at the back of your lower leg.

The slimming agents will, then, numb the calf muscle. This, in turn, hampers the muscle from over-contracting. Thus, imploring a slimmer and more relaxed calf.

Is this non-surgical calf treatment for me?

Mostly ideal for patients with huge calves due to over-worked gastrocnemius. However, if your calf woes include fat accumulation or adding volume to it, this may not be the best procedure for you. In which case, your doctor will recommend a more ideal approach to achieve sexier legs.

Calf lipo surgery is a better treatment option for gig claves due to fat accumulation. Whereas, your doctor may recommend grafting or fillers for plumping thin calves.

Is it safe?

They involve the use of hypodermic thin needles or cannulas that offer virtually pain-free procedures. The slimming agents are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA as safe for this cosmetic purpose.

In essence, these are non-surgical treatments, hence, they do not involve cuts, incisions and sutures. In which care, there is little to no risk of incurring complications. Moreover, only professionals and licensed doctors can administer these injectables.

Will it take a day to finish the treatment?

One of the many wonderful benefits of non-surgical cosmetic treatments is that they are fast and easy. Administering  no exception. This is why they are mostly referred to as lunchbreak procedures.

Most cosmetic providers perform or administer in 20 minutes or even less. It starts with the application of numbing cream. When the injection sites are ready, your doctor will inject the slimming agent. And in no time, your treatment will start working its wonders.

Does it involve long downtimes and recovery periods?

After the treatment, you can return to work immediately. You can also resume your regular activities. However, your doctor will advise you to prevent yourself from strenuous activities for the next two weeks. This is to ensure optimum results.

Downtimes may include some swelling and mild bruising, especially at the injection sites. However, these downtimes will quickly resolve themselves in the next few hours. The recovery period is also quick as it may take about 1 to 2 weeks or even less.

Are the results of these permanent?

Just like any other injectable cosmetic procedure, this calf enhancement technique offers temporary but effective and reliable results. They can last between 12 to 18 months or longer.

In most cases, the results of your cal slimming injection depend on your body mechanisms. Some patients are also engaged in active lifestyles that can affect the results of their cosmetic treatments. Thus, after a couple of years, your doctor may recommend another calf slimming injection in Melbourne to ensure continued enhancement.

Where can I co go for a calf slimming consultation?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offers a comprehensive calf slimming consultation in Melbourne. At this time, your doctor will evaluate your calves. He or she will determine the cause of your calf condition and provide a diagnosis.

After careful evaluation and diagnosis, your doctor will recommend the best treatment that will work well with you. We aim to help patients achieve the appearance that they desire for their legs.

When your calves get in the way of a sexy skirt, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and learn more about calf slimming in Melbourne!