How Much Dose Calf Slimming Injections Treatment Cost

Why does it Matter?

When you think about appearances, odds are your legs and specifically, your calves will play a big role in what you find attractive. Unless you’re a bodybuilder, most of the time you would prefer a smaller, thinner-looking calf. If they are too big, they can seem unbalanced and stand out from the rest of your body. To ensure the best-looking calves, you should consider Melbourne calf slimming injections. This page hopes to explain some of the reasons why your calves might be a bit too big, what you can do about it, and the costs.

Having calves like this can affect the clothes you wear as having calves too large make wearing things like boots or pants harder to do. It can also make you more reluctant to wear clothing that shows off your legs.

What about Exercise?

For situations like this, exercise and a change of diet are usually the first answers people give, but that might not be the solution in this case.

While some exercises can help thin out your calves, this is hardly a guarantee of success. There are many more exercises that can make things worst. While you may be able to get rid of the fat, you could end up only replacing it with muscle. This does not necessarily make for a slimmer calf and becomes harder to remove.

These muscles may even end up in just one area, usually the gastrocnemius muscule which could make things worse. So to ensure you get the results you want, the alternative to this is harmless.

What is it?

The process is pretty simple. Those areas that are too muscular are injected with a muscle relaxant which causes the muscles to freeze. For areas that have the issue of fat, the injection will contain fat-reduction treatments which will help dissolve the fat.

Since they are not moving, the muscles will slowly shrink in time. They can shrink by up to 1-7 cm. This creates the delicate and feminine shapes and curves that you want.  The shrinking can take place over the course of a couple weeks up to two months depending on how your body reacts to it.

Other Types

Muscle Resection

This is one of the most drastic ways to remove muscles in your calves and involves removing parts of the gastrocnemius muscles from your calves. Despite that, there have been issues with scarring and temporary issues with the person’s ability to walk afterward. This is also one of the more invasive methods you can use.


For issues regarding excess fats in your calves, liposuction is a common treatment. It involves removing the excess fat from your calves which tighten the skin around your calves. However, this is best used when trying to define contours. The cost here is higher than an injection, going for at least $2,500 but possibly much more.

Selective Nerve Blocking

When not in use, your muscles will wither away in a process called atrophy. Selective nerve blocking will have your doctor severing the nerves around your calves so that they cannot move. The nerves here are severed which stops them from being used. This is done by making small incisions behind the knee where the nerves are severed. While this normally works, there is a risk of hypertrophy which causes the muscles in the area to increase in size.


One of the oldest ways to deal with large calves is by getting rid of them through surgery. This is done by removing the fat or muscles in the area to give it a slimmer appearance. However, while the oldest it is also one of the most invasive. Surgery has one of the highest calf slimming costs, your price tag can go up to as much as $12,000 in a Melbourne clinic.

How much Does Cost?

The average price tag for a single treatment of injection costs about $1,490, though this does not mean that you will only have to pay that much. On average, Australians will spend about $1,625 on their treatment.

One treatment might not always be enough for you and you could require to follow-up shots after which requires extra treatment. This includes not just the shot itself, but also other factors such as consultation fees, the procedure fee, and the treatment itself.

Still, compared to other treatments like surgery and

While they may seem expensive, the reason for this hefty price tag is that these injections promise quality and safety. Compared to other methods of slimming down your calves, these injections are both safe and noninvasive.