A Comprehensive Guide To Anti Wrinkle Treatment

There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard about anti wrinkle injections at this point. It’s been on the market for years now and if you see someone in their thirties or forties without any wrinkles around their faces – chances are, they went for it You can bet that there will come a time when you look at yourself in the mirror while doing makeup and you are going to notice some crow’s feet or wrinkles. What to do in such an occasion? The perfect solution for such problems is it! If you are bothered by wrinkled skin around your face, and I bet you are, It’s is sure to smooth it out, leaving your face beautiful once more. But what exactly is it? How does it work? Is it safe? Is it cheap? There is a lot to ask about the procedure, and it is definitely good to know something about it before you book it.

Everything you need to know

First of all, let’s concentrate on what even is it. You probably heard the name a lot, but what exactly stands behind that name? this are a brand name for botulinum toxin, which is found naturally in plants, animals, and even in water. Botulinum toxin has a very specific and unique quality to it – it paralyzes muscles it touches. That paralysis can easily last for a couple of months and is done due to the toxin blocking acetylcholine – a chemical which transfers messages between nerve cells. But wait, you say. Isn’t that dangerous? Do not worry! In its natural form, botulinum toxin is highly poisonous and might do irreversible damage to our nervous system. However, during a treatment, it is administered in very small does, which won’t do any damage to your body. In fact, it is exactly that quality of the toxin which makes our wrinkles go away. The muscles in our faces get paralyzes, which reduces the ability of the skin to wrinkle as we smile or frown. It even prevents new wrinkles from appearing!

Is it safe?

If it weren’t safe, it would not be approved by the FDA, now would it? is one of the safest cosmetic treatments available on the market, as it is relatively unintrusive. After all, it’s not like you are putting some synthetic substance underneath your skin to fill it up. Moreover,   gets quickly removed from our systems, but the effects stay there. Truth be told, there is still some degree of risk to, as is with any cosmetic treatment. Every kind of procedure or operation has a chance of side effects or backfiring, even the safest ones. However, less than one per cent of patients who go with  suffer any issues with the treatment, making it quite an impressive statistic. To limit the chances of any problems occurring, always remember to search for the best available clinic in your area. Never use the services of anyone who is not a certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, and always read their reviews online.


While a single treatment is not going to be a heavy burden on your wallet, is not a permanent solution. The effects of   last for around six months, and sometimes even a month or two shorter. If you want to keep the results with you, you are going to have to go for at least two treatments a year, maybe more. But what is the actual price of a single treatment? Well, that depends. There are a couple of factors which could alter the price. The first, obvious one is the dosage. Depending on the area of your face, a single treatment may cost you from around $100 up to $500. Furthermore, the price also depends on the skills and experience of the doctor in your clinic of choice. Keep in mind, that different regions also have their own average prices – some higher, some lower than elsewhere. Interested in ? Contact Skin Club Australia and let us pick the best cosmetic procedure for your particular situation!

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