Are cheek fillers worth their price?

More and more celebrities are getting cheek fillers in order to lift their cheeks and look at least a couple of years younger. But cheek fillers in Melbourne are not only for celebrities, who do not have to worry about how much money they spend, as they are one of the more affordable cosmetic treatments available on the market right now. Of course, the better the quality higher the price, and, moreover, different fillers have different prices.

Should I go for cheek fillers?

As with any cosmetic treatment, make sure you really need the treatment before you decide to go with it. If you are under the age of at least 30, there is a good chance cheek fillers might not have the desired effect on your face. The exception is if you have any imperfections in your cheeks, or creases which appeared due to smoking. Consulting with a specialist is always a good idea to find out whether you should or should not go with the treatment – there is no need to be hasty about it!

How expensive are cheek fillers?

It all depends on how much of the filler you will need, what type of filler you are going to use, and what is the area that you want to inject with the filler. When it comes to dermal fillers in general, cheek fillers are unfortunately one of the pricier areas to treat, because the area is quite widespread and it requires a lot of substance to fill. The general consensus is that synthetic fillers are cheaper and natural ones are a bit more expensive.


How to get the best deal on my treatment?


A good tip to utilize when you are searching for a treatment is to find out which filler is the best for you. Visit a specialist who will recommend some tests you can take, such as an allergy test, to find the perfect filler for you. In such a case, you might be perfectly fine with a synthetic filler, which is much cheaper than a natural one, as it will provide just as good results. However, take into consideration that synthetic fillers do not last as long as natural ones, resulting in an increased cost when you think about future treatments.


Should I just go with the cheapest option?


Absolutely not! A cosmetic treatment is a thing not to be taken lightly, or you might end up with undesirable effects. Always make sure that you are going with the procedure in a professional clinic which has good reviews. Go for quality, not the lowest price! Moreover, the cheapest currently available treatment at your clinic might not provide the effects you desire, so the best idea is to first consult with a doctor.


What is the price range?

The cheapest types of cheek enhancements start at around $350, with an added cost of consultation of around $150. However, most clinics allow you to redeem the initial consultation price after the treatment is finished. Keep in mind that such cheap fillers usually last only a year at maximum, and if you would prefer something more permanent, think about spending a bit more money. Some more expensive treatments start at around $800 and go up, but you can be sure that these types of fillers will have a lasting effect for at least eighteen months, sometimes even up to two years.


Does my medical insurance cover It?


Sadly, that is most probably not the case, as almost no insurance companies cover cosmetic treatments as parts of their plans, unless it is crucial to healing a medical condition you might have. If you are into cheek fillers only for good looks – you will sadly have to pay the full price yourself. There are however ways to make the treatment more affordable, such as breaking down the full price into several instalments. Remember to ask around at the clinic of your choice if they offer any financing plans which might help you afford the treatment.