Anti-Plastic Surgery League

English actresses Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, and Rachel Weisz, have started a three-woman crusade to stand up to the current trend in plastic surgery in 2011. Kate Winslet was determined to keep how she looks natural, as she noted, “I don’t want to freeze the expression of my face”. Unnecessary plastic surgery or excessive plastic surgery is indeed dangerous to turn back the clock to an unrealistic degree. However, the danger of a ‘frozen face’ or losing their ‘natural beauty’ is non-existent provided they choose an experienced cosmetic doctor.  Up until the late 90s, the traditional face-lift was popular among the anti-aging trend. This process involves incisions designed to tighten the skin where it was sagging. Unfortunately, many of those who had this procedure began to develop an unnatural look. Fortunately, there are now many simple, non-surgical procedures to achieve natural results without the risk of paying for actual costly surgery.

  • Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are created from a substance occurring naturally in the body and can be injected into the areas that are sagging or asymmetrical to re-plump, and re-contour lips, cheeks, even noses, and breasts. The best part is as a natural product, it is reabsorbed naturally into the body.

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  • Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections relaxes the muscles where the skin tends to tense into wrinkles and fine lines. When injected, it allows the skin to smooth over. If used with moderation, Anti Wrinkle Injections are not harmful and will leave you with the vast majority of expression in your face at any age.

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  • Other Procedures

There have been plenty of advances in treating excess sweating, hair growth, migraines, bruxism that uses minimal to noninvasive applications of cosmetic technologies.